It is our mission to provide our clients with unparalleled advice and guidance in building a successful hard asset investment portfolio. The strategies that we implement have historically demonstrated the highest degree of success available to global investors. For the past number of years Fancy Coloured Diamonds have shown significantly higher profits than any other hard asset investment vehicle. Our years of experience in the Coloured Diamond markets give our clients an unmatched edge and advantage in achieving the highest possible annual returns on their investments.

The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in the East Kimberly region in the remote north of Western Australia. Argyle is the largest diamond producer in the world by volume.

The assessment and valuation of coloured diamonds involves the inspection of four main attributes known as “The Four C’s”: Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight & Cut..

The early history of the diamond market is difficult to retell clearly. Texts like the Bible, the works of Plato, and some Roman era works reference diamonds, however it is impossible to discern whether these works are …


Most financial analysts agree that it is imperative to include hard assets in your investment portfolio. There are many reasons that Coloured Diamonds are the hard asset class of choice …

The Paragon Periodical

• Fancy Coloured Diamonds have outperformed all other hard asset classes for many years.
• Fancy Coloured Diamonds are affordable and durable. They are the world’s most portable form of wealth. You can literally carry Millions of dollars in your pocket.
• Fancy Coloured Diamonds are recession proof. In times of great economic adversity Fancy Coloured Diamonds have continued to rise in value.
• From the time that the prices of Fancy Coloured Diamonds were first recorded, they have increased in value each and every year.
• Fancy Coloured Diamonds are a hedge against inflation.

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