When considering an investment in Fancy Coloured Diamonds the most significant characteristic is the colour of the stone. Unlike a colorless diamond where each of the Four C's are equally considered in assessing the overall value of the diamond, for coloured diamonds the colour characteristic is far and away the most important factor in appraisal of the diamond. There are three main elements in the colour grading of a Fancy Coloured Diamond: Hue, Tone & Saturation.


Hue or colour refers to the main color of the diamond. There are 27 Hues in all. Sometimes hues in clude a combination of main and modifying colours. For example a Brownish-Yellow diamond has a Yellow hue with modifying tints of Brown.In the below diagram you can see how the different colours combine to produce the 27 hues. In the hue circle Pink has its own range and can appear as a main colour in the grading of the diamond, however it is not mentioned in the hue circle as it is categorized as a shade of Red.

Grading Fancy Coloured Diamonds


Tone defines how light or dark the colour or hue of the diamond actually is. It refers to the diamond's colour intensity. The Tone ranges from Very Light to Very Dark.


Colour saturation refers to the strength of the colour. Lighter toned diamonds range from Faint to Vivid. Darker toned diamonds range from Dark to Deep

There are nine classifications of the overall intensity of Coloured Diamonds:

1. Faint
2. Very Light
3. Light
4. Fancy Light
5. Fancy

6. Fancy Dark
7. Fancy Intense
8. Fancy Deep
9. Fancy Vivid

The overall Colour grading will include the Hue, any modifiers and one of the 9 intensity grades. E.G.: Fancy Vivid Brownish-Yellow. It is important to note that the last colour mentioned is the primary hue of the diamond.


Clarity describes the degree and type of internal and external imperfections (flaws) in the stone. There are six clarity categories in the Clarity Scale:
1. FL - Flawless
2. IF - Internally Flawless
3. VVS1 / VVS2 - Very Very Slight Inclusion
4. VS1 / VS2 - Very Slight Inclusion
5. SI1 / SI 2 - Slight Inclusion
6. I1 / I2 / I3 (P1 / P2 / P3) - Inclusion or Pique
The inclusions that are found in Diamonds are either Internal or External inclusions.
In a colourless (white) diamond Clarity is extremely important in assessing the value of the stone. However, in terms of Fancy Coloured Diamonds, the clarity grading is a minor factor in the valuation of the stone.

Clarity Scale


A diamond grading report indicates the carat weight to the nearest hundredth of a carat weight. Diamond pricing is often referred to by the price per carat as opposed to the overall cost of the stone.
The value of a diamond does not relate directly to the carat weight. In other words a 1.50 ct Diamond will not be exactly half the price of a 3.00 ct Diamond. In terms of value, the price of Diamonds increase exponentially as the carat weight increases.


The cut of a Diamond does not in itself have an immense effect in the valuation of the stone. However, the way in which a Diamond is cut does affect the other aspects of diamond grading. The manner in which the diamond is cut influences the carat weight. The proportions of the stone affect the diamond's colour. The polishing process assists in the removal of external blemishes and thus enhances the diamond's clarity.
In cutting and polishing a rough diamond, the intention is to derive the best possible finished product. Sacrificing carat weight can often strengthen the colour and clarity of a Diamond.

The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in the East Kimberly region in the remote north of Western Australia. Argyle is the largest diamond producer in the world by volume.

Most financial analysts agree that it is imperative to include hard assets in your investment portfolio. There are many reasons that Coloured Diamonds are the hard asset class of choice...


The early history of the diamond market is difficult to retell clearly. Texts like the Bible, the works of Plato, and some Roman era works reference diamonds, however it is impossible to discern whether these works are...


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• From the time that the prices of Fancy Coloured Diamonds were first recorded, they have increased in value each and every year.
• Fancy Coloured Diamonds are a hedge against inflation.

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