Record keeping for the price of natural colour diamonds began in the 1970s. Since that time there has never been a downside. With some of the major coloured diamond producing mines closing in the near future, the prices of these rare beauties are likely about to skyrocket.
The early history of the diamond market is difficult to retell clearly. Texts like the Bible, the works of Plato, and some Roman era works reference diamonds, however it is impossible to discern whether these works are actually referring to diamonds as we are familiar with or simple referring to other stones or gemstones. Archaeologically speaking, there are very few findings that would indicate the presence of diamonds. The earliest finding as of today dates back to the Roman period.

It is not until much later in history that we see techniques developed for the manipulation of the rough stones into cut and polished jewels. In the 10th century it was discovered that diamond dust could be used to polish other diamonds. This discovery was the beginning of the Diamond industry, as we know it today.

While most diamonds are colourless, some have a natural color that is deep, distinct, and opulent. These are known as fancy coloured diamonds and are often yellow, blue, brown or pink. Unlike colourless diamonds that are valued for their lack of colour, Fancies are valued for the intensity of their colour. Natural Colour diamonds are a segment of the diamond market that is rapidly increasing in popularity for investment purposes in both high-end jewelry and loose stones.

Throughout history, primarily royalty and wealthy aristocrats possessed coloured diamonds. Today, these rare natural creations of beauty are adorned by a much broader array of jewelry connoisseurs and investors.
The extremely specific conditions necessary for a naturally coloured diamond to be formed occur very rarely. For every 10,000 white diamonds mined only one natural coloured diamond will be found. This makes natural coloured diamonds extremely rare and ideal for investment purposes.


Record keeping for the price of coloured diamonds begins. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) develops a grading scale for Fancy Coloured Diamonds. Sotheby's and Christie's begin regular sales devoted to important diamonds and coloured stones.


The Argyle Mine begins production of Coloured Diamonds. A .95 ct red diamond sets a new record of nearly $1 million per carat at a Christie's auction in New York. Scientists in Israel discover a way to enhance the clarity of Diamonds.


GIA expands the grading system of Fancy Coloured Diamonds to measure hue, tone, saturation and colour distribution. Brutal conflict in Sierra Leone gives rise to the term "blood diamond". Coloured Diamonds charge ahead as the top-gaining category for the worldwide auction circuit.


New world auction record prices are consistently set every year for coloured diamonds. Ellendale and Argyle mines announce their impending closures. Coloured diamonds become the staple of the hard asset investment portfolio for investors globally.

The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in the East Kimberly region in the remote north of Western Australia. Argyle is the largest diamond producer in the world by volume.

The assessment and valuation of coloured diamonds involves the inspection of four main attributes known as "The Four C's": Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight & Cut..

Most financial analysts agree that it is imperative to include hard assets in your investment portfolio. There are many reasons that Coloured Diamonds are the hard asset class of choice...


• Fancy Coloured Diamonds have outperformed all other hard asset classes for many years.
• Fancy Coloured Diamonds are affordable and durable. They are the world’s most portable form of wealth. You can literally carry Millions of dollars in your pocket.
• Fancy Coloured Diamonds are recession proof. In times of great economic adversity Fancy Coloured Diamonds have continued to rise in value.
• From the time that the prices of Fancy Coloured Diamonds were first recorded, they have increased in value each and every year.
• Fancy Coloured Diamonds are a hedge against inflation.

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